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New Community Open - Charry Haven

New community for Harry and Cho fans and Harry and Cho stories/fan art.  Discussions on Harry and Cho are welcome as well.  Also, ideas on what kind of stories would be of interest with these two characters, or ideas presently being developed for stories, or need of help with ideas for a story.  The stories posted can be from any range, genre, what have you.  So post rated G through NC-17.  From drabbles to novels.  And from beta'd to unbeta'd.  You may also recommend Harry and Cho stories you've read as long as you fill out the suggested form for fics (this also applies to authors posting their own stories).  Come join, or read, or watch or whatever! 

charry_haven  Mod

PS...mods, if this is uncool to advertise a new community on here, please feel free to delete and accept my apologies.

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