Hedwig's Bane (hedwigs_bane) wrote in x_cornishpixies,
Hedwig's Bane

"Bournemouth Epiphany"

Author: hedwigs_bane
Super-Beta: weetziecat
Pairing: None
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5,751 (total)

Summary: While in hiding, Dudley Dursley experiences some revelations about himself, his family, and his cousin Harry, altering his views on life.

The fake cut will take you to my LJ page, where this story is unlocked for all readers.  It is split into two parts, as it was too long for one post.  A link for part two can be found at the end of part one.  Hope you enjoy it!

UPDATE:  This story, while not a sequel, follows a premise I created in an ALTERNATE CHAPTER ONE to "My Mother's Eyes", a Harry/Ron fic, written well before the release of HP&tDH  I have unlocked that chapter as well, since it is G rated, and doesn't refer to the H/R relationship.  It does, however, attempt to explain Petunia Dursley's treatment of Harry, and helps explain some attitudes and dialogue in "Bournemouth Epiphany".

"Bournemouth Epiphany"

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