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Okay, I see no one has posted in this community in over a month, but I don't really care.

Name: Ashleigh

Age: 14

What do you like most about the Harry Potter series?: I really don't know, I just do
Did you cry when you read the fifth book?: No, not really. I thought it was sad though.

What do you think of the movies, as far as conveying the true spirit of the books?: They're conveying the spirit, but I hated the third movie, with all the Ron/Hermione undertones and leaving some very importanat stuff out.

What are your favorite ships?: Draco/Hermione (my OTP), Harry/Ginny, Ron/Luna, Harry/Luna, Harry/Hermione, Draco/Luna, Tonks/Lupin, Bill/Fluer, Hermione/Weasley Twin

Are you against slash and femmeslash?: No, I just don't really like it

Are you against incest in fics?: In every one of my fandoms except ASOUE

What ships do you absolutely hate?: Ron/Hermione, Draco/Ginny, Sirus/Lupin

Why?: R/Hr- If it happens in Canon, I'll accept it. But I mean, come on! How long is Ron/Hermione going to last? Not very long. They bicker and don't agree on anything and personally, I think Ron is way too immature for Hermione.
D/G- Where did this even come from? I haven't seen any interaction between them at all.
S/L- I'm just gettign tired of all S/L shippers dissing T/L...

What kind of fics do you most like to read? (dark, angst, fluff, crossover, etc.): I'll read just about anything. I like happy endings, bittersweet ending, and sad endings. I'm quite fond of angsty, romanctic dramadeies (if that makes any sense)
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